“I am a runner, not a jogger, I’m the guy doing 400’s on the track at 7:00am on Saturday mornings. I bundle up for long runs through the cold winds of a January morning. When it gets too hot to think about running I go for 10- mile trail runs at 10:00pm with a headlamp. Athletically, running is my primary focus. I eat, drink and sleep to improve my running. At 40 I’m not looking at age-group awards-I’m still trying to win my local races and set new pr’s.”

“I’m also a Crossfit athlete. I do overhead squats and heavy deadlifts. I clean and jerk. I do endless kettlebell swings and just did my first-ever set of 20 pull-ups. I am obsessed with getting better at double-unders. Last week I set a personal record for power cleans. I’m determined to learn to do a muscle-up. Right now my legs are sore because 3 days ago I did 200 walking lunges holding 30 pounds, 120 box jumps and 40 thrusters.”

“Can running and Crossfit mix? If they didn’t I’d still be running and I would have quit Crossfit. Worried you’re going to get so muscle-bound that you’ll slow down? Good point. Arnold Schwarzenegger probably didn’t win too many 5k’s back in the day. Well, stop worrying. This isn’t a bulk-up, get-huge, lift-heavy-weights program. I started Crossfit at 150 pounds and now I’m…150 pounds. But my body has changed in 6 months. My waist is smaller. My shoulders and back are bigger. My skinny legs are more powerful. I always figured that my legs were really strong from trail running. They weren’t. That burning I always felt going up steep hills? Gone. Why? Try doing a couple hundred air-squats and see how strong your legs get. My core is stronger and I run for longer with better form. Guess what? When your body is stronger you are a better runner.”

“Crossfit will make you fitter and stronger. The workouts are intense. You’ll breath hard. You’ll sweat. You won’t leave the gym and get a quality run in right away. But if you’re a serious runner you know about discomfort and commitment. So stick with it, and you’ll get into the best shape of your life. And that will make you a better, faster runner.”

“So come learn what clean and jerks, double-unders and power cleans are. Stop thinking that you should start incorporating some strength training and plyometrics into your workouts and start doing it. A few months from now you’ll be running faster and further than you ever have before.”

– Jason Wein

Jason’s recent BIO Facts:
5K : 16:57
10Mile 59:17

2011 South Salem Double 10K-39:32 then 5K19:00 Total combined 58:32 1st overall

“After four years of playing collegiate athletics, I was looking to pursue a strength and conditioning program that would be comparable to my workout regime in college. I was looking an environment that would take my training to the next level. At the same time continuing many of the fundamental exercises of strength, power, endurance and agility that I have prepared me for competition on the field. The CrossFit program does just that and more, setting the bar even higher with respects to the intensity and the mental focus that is induced within the program. It’s a workout unique within itself. The program is designed to be continuously changing, not allowing your body to fall into its comfort zone. It takes a workout used in every athletic program and meshes it with other exercises giving you a workout that you have never experienced before. These types of circuits combined with the strength and speed exercises built in the CrossFit program allow oneself to achieve optimal physical results. This is the edge that athletes need to take their training to new heights.”

– Paul M. – Colgate University > NFL Prospect


“My Stories are in the “Top Secret” Level (just kidding) but I still would like to say how Honor I am to have met a bunch of motivated, dedicated, affiliated and constipated (well maybe NOT constipated, just trying to look for something that rhymes!!! ) individuals like yourselves. I have seen a growth in family in this place and I am just glad that you have welcome myself and Sarah into your hardcore family! You are all welcome into our home at anytime and we are trying to plan something soon at our home (BBQ).”

“STEVE, MIKE, what can I say…… I think you both know without me having to write anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Gil P.

“I started Cross Fit Training about four months ago. After a few weeks, my body started to change. It started to become more defined. I also noticed that I was getting stronger. I was able to complete workouts faster and could add more weight or reps. I began to want to challenge myself. I wanted to see what else I could accomplish physically. I think that’s the best part about Cross Fit, you set your own bar and compete with yourself. After every session I always have a sense of accomplishment and that is priceless.”

– Lou D.

“As a college athlete, physical activity had always been an integral part of my life. Training was never a question, it always had to be done. But after graduating and being introduced to the world of CrossFit, I left a culture of having to train for someone else and reconnected with the passion and euphoria that comes when you truly challenge yourself physically. Not only are the workouts intense and diverse, but I look forward each day coming to the gym and challenging myself in ways that I never thought were possible. CrossFit is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement and leaving each day feeling stronger, healthier, and more accomplished than the day before.”

– Katie K.

“As an ex-college Division I football player, I thought I knew what being in shape meant. That is until my good friend Steve turned me on to CrossFit.. It’s unlike any Strength and Conditioning program I have ever experienced, and I can say that because I’ve tried pretty much everything out there. Crossfit not only pushes you to the edge physically, but it tests your mental capacity and determination every step of the way. Unlike most programs, which only focus on one aspect of fitness, Crossfit offers a spectrum of health benefits that can be applicable for all walks of life. At first I thought I was compromising strength and size for endurance and speed, but I’ve packed on 6 lbs. of muscle and shed body fat while still making gains in all lifting areas. I’ve known Steve as a coach and friend for several years. His knowledge in Fitness and Training is unparalleled. I am forever indebted to him for showing me the way to the pinnacle of physical fitness and redefining my preconceived notions of weight training. I strongly recommend any athlete who wishes to improve in all areas of performance, and or those looking to pursue collegiate sports to train with Crossfit Somers.”

-Dan A.


“My name is Anthony Scaglione and this is my story. I have always pretty much been a large guy, and a never too healthy one at that.  Everyone has their reasons for starting some type of exercise regimen, and I had a ton of reasons but I think the one that stood out to me the most is the day I had to buy my first pair of XXL pants.  I was mortified to say the least, depressed mainly on how I could ever allow myself to get to this point. So what did I do, I went to the gym, but let’s face it as large as I was I lacked the motivation or rather determination to stay on that treadmill for one extra mile. So just as I did a many of times before I quit again, I just gave up.  Then one day I happened to come across a few photos of myself from a wedding I went too and almost didn’t recognize myself as I had no neck!!!! This was the final straw, I joined something that everyone I feel had been gossiping about, it was called CROSSFIT.  So I went that first day intimidated by seeing people doing crazy type of pull ups I’ve never seen before (butterfly kipping), hand stand pushups, Olympic lifting and I automatically thought to myself, “I’m screwed”.  You see the funny thing is after that one class I came to the realization that I am better than what I have become and if the people around me could do it then so could I and that’s the day that I caught the “bug” and any crossfitter knows what I am talking about. I came back every day trying to continue to improve myself, a tough quarter mile run for me gradually turned to a hard half mile and so on until it took about 3-5 to wear me out and that was just the beginning, I without even realizing was doing the things that intimidated me when I first started.  I have been doing crossfit for a year now and started this adventure as man who weighed 268lbs,40inch waist with no motivation to a Crossfitter who now weights 188lbs with a 34 inch waist that has made crossfit a part of his everyday life. So never give up and always remember that the best time to start is now.”

-Anthony S.